Illinois Among States Least Preferred For Doing Business By CEO Ranking

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“When it comes to the three criteria CEOs tell us they value most in site selection—tax policy (37 percent rank it first), regulatory climate (35 percent) and talent availability (25 percent)—Texas and Florida outclass all comers,” according to Chief Executive magazine. As Kathy Mussio of Atlas Insight put it, speaking of Florida, “Sunshine, low taxes, Covid openness: What talent wouldn’t want to move there? You can save enough in taxes…to make a down payment on a house in Florida.”

“California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts pile up at the bottom of our rankings,” states the magazine.

“These two forward-looking states, Texas and Florida, are eating our lunch,” said Jim Tobin, economist and president of Taxpayer Education Foundation (TEF).

“Illinois is in a very disadvantageous position compared with states in the Sunbelt,” said Tobin. “Illinois Governor Jay Robert ‘J. B.’ Pritzker has taken a state in a precarious economic situation and is taxing the state’s productive citizens to death, in order to pump more taxpayer dollars into the state pension funds for the 152,640 retired Illinois government pension millionaires. No wonder Illinois has actually lost population for the first time in 200 years.”

“Things won’t get any better until the inept Pritzker is ousted, and the hammerlock the Springfield Democrats have on the state is broken.”


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