Taxpayers Breath Olympic-sized Sigh of Relief

Chicago lost the bid on Friday to host the 2016 Olympic Games. NTUI, in cooperation with organizations such as NoGamesChicago, was at the forefront in opposing the bid, citing the likely cost overruns that would cost taxpayers billions and the risk of terrorism that hosting the Olympics would bring to Chicago.

With the game-playing over, government officials in Chicago and Springfield can stop imagining ways to spend more taxpayer dollars and instead work on reducing government spending and lowering taxes. Reducing the tax burden on families and businesses is the best path to the economic recovery Illinois needs.

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  1. Ben Eubanks says:

    Our officials have a very limited view of what is going on in our state!
    They pay our some $800,000,000 per month in pensions and I was told by one of our congress men that there is no way to curb this pay out short of a constitutional convention which they are vehemently opposed of for fear their own liberal pensions will be cut!
    We have some teachers drawing $400,000 salaries per year and when they retire will get seventy five percent of that as a retirement package!
    How do we get our heads above water<

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