NTUI Warns Midlothian Taxpayers Against Home Rule Propaganda

Politicians in the Village of Midlothian are staging town hall meetings to discuss the referendum for unlimited Home Rule taxing powers that will be on the ballot Tuesday, February 2nd. Illinois’ largest taxpayer organization urges Midlothian voters to skip the pro tax increase meetings and counter the political propaganda with the facts about Home Rule.

“‘Home Rule’ has a pretty name, but ugly consequences for taxpayers,” explains Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI). “If passed, Home Rule will allow Midlothian Trustees to raise property taxes—and any other taxes—without voter approval. Home Rule legislation would exempt Midlothian from the 5% property tax cap currently in place in Illinois and leave taxpayers vulnerable to new taxes and fees, limited only by the creativity of future office holders.”

“Politicians are skilled at using pretty phrases like ‘diversifying revenue sources’ and ‘spreading the tax burden’ when talking about Home Rule,” continued Tobin. “They also like to confuse the issue by describing other vague ‘benefits’ of being a Home Rule community. But I tell taxpayers, based on my 33 years of fighting taxes in Illinois, that if Home Rule passes in Midlothian, politicians will raise local property taxes and add sales taxes, gasoline taxes and any other taxes and fees they can get away with, no matter what pretty reassurances are given now.”

“Our organization has developed a flyer to educate citizens about the ugly consequences of adopting Home Rule,” said Tobin. I call on every taxpayer in Midlothian to share these flyers with all their friends and neighbors. But above all, go to the polls and VOTE NO on February 2nd. With the low turnout expected in primary elections, every vote counts.”

Home Rule referenda will appear on the ballot in the February 2nd, 2010 primary election in four municipalities across Illinois: Hometown, Midlothian, Ina, and Sammons Point.

Download VOTE NO flyers to distribute in your community:
Hometown | Midlothian | Ina | Sammons Point.

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  1. Terry Hogan says:

    Once passed, can Home Rule ever be reversed?

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