Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Dillard and Brady Signed Illinois Taxpayer Protection Pledge

CHICAGO—The votes are still being counted in the Republican primary race for Illinois governor, but Jim Tobin, President of Tax Accountability, is not apprehensive about the outcome. Both of the leading candidates, Kirk Dillard (R-24, Westmont) and Bill Brady (R-44, Bloomington), are signers of the Illinois Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Tobin announced, “State Senators Dillard and Brady have signed the Illinois Taxpayer Protection Pledge, in which they promised all the people of Illinois that they would oppose any and all efforts to increase state or local taxes.”

“Candidates should know that our Pledge is permanent and binding. We watch not only what candidates say on the campaign trail, but what they do in office,” Tobin continued. “We will hold any candidates who violate their Pledge accountable to the taxpayers of Illinois.”

Tax Accountability will send Illinois Taxpayer Protection Pledges and Candidate Questionnaires later this year to all candidates who will be on the ballot for Illinois Governor, including third-party and independent candidates, in preparation for the November 2010 election.

Tobin concluded by saying, “Illinois has been mauled by big-spending tax-raisers in Springfield for decades. Serious spending and tax cuts are required to restore the economic health of our state. Tax Accountability will do our part to evaluate and inform taxpayers of the best candidates for office that will pull our state from the brink of insolvency.”

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  1. Thank you for the work you do to protect the people against high tax and spend politicians.

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