Debate on Lincoln Legacy February 13, 2010

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Bill Ford and Mike Flores will debate “Did Abraham Lincoln Do More Harm or Good to the United States of America?” at the College of Complexes on February 13, 2010.

Contrary to his popular image, some historians claim that Abraham Lincoln supported slavery, defended slave owners’ rights, and that his legendary Emancipation Proclamation was merely a military tactic that did not free anyone. Furthermore, Lincoln’s war violated the states’ right to secede from the Union, nullifying a key constitutional protection against abuses of power by the federal government.

Jim Tobin, President of the Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation, encourages all to attend the debate and noted “With Lincoln’s birthday on February 12, this topic is a timely opportunity to learn about the impact of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency on what was once our Constitutional Republic. By crushing our right to secede from the federal union, Lincoln made possible all subsequent unconstitutional federal government programs and growth of the federal tax monster. The economic damage done to our country by Lincoln’s legacy is manifest today and worse lies in wait for our children and grandchildren.”

The College of Complexes was formed in 1951 as a “Playground for People Who Think.” Meetings are open to the public each Saturday at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, starting at 8 p.m. There is a $3 fee to attend and individual dinner purchases prior to the meeting are appreciated. For more information about the College of Complexes, visit

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