Carroll County School Teachers Thrive as Private Sector Struggles to Survive

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  1. Fred in NH says:

    The argument that teachers are overpaid if they earn more than the average person in the community in which they work is non-sensical. Of course teachers make more than the average person, most of them have a master’s degree! The average American with a master’s degree earns 90k a year. The average teacher with a master’s earns 50k.

    So you see, even taking into account the short hours, long vacations, and good benefits, we still earn less than we should. Lucky for society there are people who are not only willing to do the job for less than it’s worth, but are willing to put up with a never ending stream of crap from selfish ingrates like you.

    We do this because we actually care about something beyond our own narrow self-interests. Your welcome.

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