Taxpayers United of America To Request Restraining Order Against Illinois Tollway Authority

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  1. Ronald Long says:

    The tollway is still at it charging over inflated fees $20 first and the $50 on top of it for a total of $70 in fees
    …. i now over $10,000 in tolls mostly fees for which i did not comit even 1 of them because i do not drive and cannot drive but still because i am registered owner they say i am liable when the truth is i am just caught inthe middle between the driver and the tollway i never even received violation notice until 4 months after they happened so had no knowledge of it and no right to contest this eregregious violation of my consitutational rights… filed for a non standard settlement as only option as i am too poor to afford anything else and even if i could contest it the hearing officer as almost always sides with the tollway.
    .now they owe billions in bonds and they just target us poor folks

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