TUA vs. Illinois Tollway Authority & AG Madigan: The Sequel – February 7th!

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  1. olivia segura says:

    I live in Dekalb Illinois and to go to work from Dekalb, to Rockford. Rockford to Chicago, Dekal to Chicago and Aurora I pay average of $7.00 dollares per day. I work 7 days a week and for 30 days I pay average of $217.oo per month. $ 2604.00 per year with a salary of $34,000 per year. The increase of the tollway has put me in a very difficult situation since where I live is not choice of public transportation or avoid the use of the tollway. Please help how can I complain an make my voice heard.

    • Auth says:

      – Hi Guys. I’m constantly iespmsred by how much you both consistently take your work to the NEXT level. Just when I think wow Cathy and David on on a Roll! .you raise the bar even higher. The dramatic lighting in this engagement session is both cinematic and intimate. I’ve seen many of your previous engagement sessions and this is my favorite by far. I look forward to seeing what you present next .Warmly,Parris

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