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Better and constantly-evolving treatment methods are the key to lowering coronavirus deaths even as the number of infections increases, according to a report of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity.

The report quotes Dr. Joseph Varon, chief medical officer at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, who stated that while he’s never seen so many patients in his intensive care unit, “around 95 percent of people who have come in here have walked out.”

“Most of the so-called mainstream media have dropped the ball covering this pandemic,” said Jim Tobin, economist and president of Taxpayer Education Foundation (TEF). “It’s in the economic interest of the media, especially TV, to keep citizens frightened and in the dark regarding this illness. That way, they can generate more viewers for their hysterical newscasts.”

Dr. Varon, who has treated over 200 coronavirus patients, was quoted as saying, “We learned so much in a few months, We are constantly having to change and evolve as the virus does, but some things seem to be working well. No-one needs to die from coronavirus any more.”

Dr. Varon and his colleagues from five hospitals across America have created a cocktail of commonly separately-used drugs they have called the “Math+ Protocol.”

“The combination of cortisone steroid, vitamins and anti-coagulants is helping them combat the two biggest dangers of the virus – inflammation and clotting – and it is having some staggering results.”

“It’s time to reopen the country before we have another Great Depression,” said Tobin.


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