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In an example of excellent investigating reporting, the Southern Illinois News exposed a “folksy” misleading ad for the Pritzker so-called “fair tax” amendment to the Illinois Constitution on the November 3 ballot.

“The ad features two genial, elderly gentlemen speaking in favor of the Pritzker amendment,” said Jim Tobin, economist and president of Taxpayer Education Foundation (TEF). “The commercial, supposedly representing both political parties, featured a ‘Republican,’ Ty Petersen of Vienna, IL, who voted democrat in the past three primary elections, according to the paper.”

“To add insult to injury, both are state pensioners married to state pensioners.”

According to the paper, “The-then-54 year old Petersen worked a single year on the State of Illinois payroll, contributing $42,655 into the pension system. Taking advantage of a loophole Democrats created to allow union staff to collect state pensions, he then ‘retired’ after just 1 year from the state at age 55 and started collecting a state pension of $24,467 per year.”

“Petersen has already collected $75,623, according to SRS, or twice what he paid into the system. If he lives until age 85, he will collect $1.164 million from state taxpayers,” reports the Southern Illinois News.

“The real reason for the Pritzker amendment is obvious,” said Tobin. “Its passage would create a huge, new source of taxpayer dollars to pump into state pensions for retired state bureaucrats. Those who would be forced to support these lavish, gold-plated government employee pensions are taxpayers in the private sector.”

Source: https://silnews.com/stories/556965831-vienna-republican-petersen-featured-in-pritzker-ad-pitching-tax-hike-amendment

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